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    Custom Connector & Cable Solution at Jiatel

    We Help You in Wireless Charge Solution.

    Customize a Pogo Connector in 4 weeks, plastic base mold charge takes US$2,000~4,000. 

    We help you in Battery Contact Solution.

    Custom Battery Contact in 4 weeks, mold charge US$600~US$800.

    We help you in Connect Pins.

    High speed CNC manufacturing Receptacle Pin, Printed Circuit Pin, Female Target Pin, Solder Cup Pin contacts.

    We help you in Wire Harness / Cable Assemblies Solutions.

    JIATEL specializes in custom cable assembly, including overmold, IDC, Wire harnesses,Coaxial Cable, Magnetic Cable. JIATEL work with volume OEMs providing guaranteed quality, great value and superior service. JIATEL ensures components and materials always meet their needs.