China Pin Receptacle Factory



Contact body:

Brass CuZnPb3, C36000

Phosphor Bronze Cusn4PbZn4



Beryllium Copper Alloy C17200


Underplating: Nickle ( Ni), electro-deposited

Electroless nickel-phosphorus alloy for max. corrosion and wear resistance and for the lowest magnetic permeability

Surface finish: Gold (Au)  or  Tin (pure Tin-Sn)



Jiatel technology for socket contacts is based on a two -parts design:

  • Contact body
  • Multi-finger contact spring which be called ” clip ” 

Contact body and clips are manufactured and plating separately.  The contact body is manufacture by a highspeed turning process with the additional secondary operation if required. The clips are stamped and formed from sheet material. Depending on size and characteristics, the clips are designed with 3 ,4 and 6 contact fingers. They can be mated use with male pin diameter ranges from 0.25mm to 2.5mm. They can accept square or rectangular pin.