More about Jiatel Cable Assemblies

JIATEL Custom design in Cable & Wire :


JIATEL specializes in custom cable assembly, including overmold, IDC, discrete wire/crimp harnesses and cable looms. JIATEL work with volume OEMs providing guaranteed quality, great value and superior service. JIATEL ensures components and materials always meet their needs.

Assemblies are 100% tested guaranteeing reliability and compliance, a variety of appropriate tests are applied depending on cable assembly type. Such as: Short or open circuits, intermittent circuits, miswiring. Hi-Pot, Static load for strain relief, bending test, crimp pull-off force, contact to housing retention force and plastic hardness.

JIATEL’s expert cable assembly team will help you from concept thru to production.

The JIATEL engineering team improves communication and bridges cultural and language barriers, it ensures we understand your exact requirements and deliver you samples and quotes which are right the first time. For urgent requirements JIATEL offers a fast-turn sample service, speak to our sales contact.

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Jiatel Cable Assemblies Introduction & Application:


Our cable products are mainly used in computers, digital cameras, cell phone chargers, MP3, PDA, DVD, set-top boxes, audio, electronic toys, household appliances, machinery and equipment internal connection lines, external data lines and DC lines, etc..

The company mainly has four series of products:

1.Wire: electronic wire, multi-core wire, shielded wire.

2. Round wire finished products: D-SUB, BNC cable, RCA cable, USB cable, DVI cable, HDMI cable, headphone cable, SCSI cable, etc.

3. Terminal wire series: from PH1.0-PH7.5 JST, AMP, MOLEX, HIROSE and other series of wiring with various pitches, mass production of wiring for LED products.

4. Connector series: various board-to-board connectors. The company can customize various specifications of connecting wires and cables for customers, and we strive to provide customers with high-quality products at good prices. The company has a group of technically proficient R&D team and management team.