2 AAA Battery Holder 422-SMT,Cross part of Keystone 1022

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Battery Compatibility 


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Through hole

Plastic Material


Surface Plating"

Nickle 100~120μ"



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Details about 2 AAA Battery Holder 422-SMT,Cross part of Keystone 1022

The 2 AAA Battery Holder  is designed for secure storage and easy management of your small but powerful power sources.

  • AAA Battery Holder
  • Package: 1,000 pcs per box, bag package.
  • Contact Plating: Gold 
  • Material: Nylon 
  • Box size: 35×30×30㎜



18650 battery holder


Product Design and Material

I craft the AAA Battery Holder from high-grade Nylon, ensuring its durability and longevity. Nylon’s strength and insulation properties are ideal for maintaining the integrity of electrical connections. This holder is tailored to fit multiple AAA batteries, making it suitable for any application that requires a reliable power source.

Electrostatic Dissipative Contact Plating

I plate the contact points of the AAA Battery Holder with Gold, enhancing its conductivity and extending its life. Gold resists corrosion and ensures a stable and efficient electrical connection, so the holder maintains peak performance even with regular use.

Packaging and Storage

I package the AAA Battery Holder in a box that contains 1,000 pieces, perfect for those needing a large supply. The Bag Package within the box keeps the holders organized and protected during storage and transport.

Box Specifications and Shipping

I design the box with dimensions of 35×30×30 mm, allowing for efficient packing and shipping. This compact size is practical and environmentally friendly, reducing space usage during transit. The box’s sturdy build ensures the battery holders are safeguarded from damage, arriving in excellent condition.

In conclusion, the 2 AAA Battery Holder offers a practical and reliable solution for AAA battery management in various devices. Its gold-plated contacts and nylon construction provide superior performance and protection. The packaging, accommodating 1,000 pieces per box, prioritizes user convenience and security during storage and shipping.



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