Single Pogo Pin / Spring Loaded Pin

Details about Single Pogo Pin / Spring Loaded Pin

What is a pogo pins ?

Pogo Pin is a pin consist of Barrel, Plunger, Spring.

What is the surface treatment of Pogo Pin/Spring Pin?

Our standard is Gold plated over Nickle . Gold plating thickness could be Au1u”,Au3μ,Au5μ ” etc.

What is the mounting style for a Pin?

Through hole mount & Surface Mount

What is a spring force options?

We could offer spring force in 30g , 60g,  80g, 120g, 150g etc.

What is the Current rating ?

We can offer the pins in 1Amp to 5Amp. When in RFQ stage,we’ll ask your actual application current & mention .

What kind of PCB Pins Jiatel mainly produce  :

Jiatel technology for male pcb pin is based on a two kind of design:

  • Through-hole Double head Pin
  • Pin with secondary Process ( drilling hole, soldering cup, crimping pin & receptacle)
  • Snail Head
  • Swage Mount Pin


surface mount pogo pins

If you’re also looking for a mating part for a Pogo Pin/ Spring Loaded Pin,pls view here.

If you’re looking for a custom-made pin for example, a through-hole mount or a soldering pin, pls contact our sales expert. 

Small Connector, Big Connection.

Jiatel help you in your Printed Circuit Board Connectors & Cable Assemblies.


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