SMT Single Pin,Pogo Pin , Spring Loaded Pin

Details about SMT Single Pin,Pogo Pin , Spring Loaded Pin

Shenzhen Jiatel: Your Destination for Premium Spring-Loaded Connectors and Pogo Pins,SMT Single Pin

Product Insights:

Jiatel stocks a range of Spring-Loaded Connectors and Pogo Pins, with SMT Single Pins available from 3.0mm to 12mm. We develop custom solutions to meet market needs, collaborating closely with customers to evaluate and refine ideas.

Tailored Expertise:

We cater to communication product specs, offering tailored current ratings and surface plating. Our engineers ensure a deep understanding of your requirements and present you with a drawing for approval before mold development.

Commitment to Quality:

Choose Jiatel for top-tier Pogo Connector manufacturing and innovative custom designs. We’re here to earn your trust today and beyond.

Spring-Loaded Pin Connector Benefits:

We provide innovative spring pin connectors with various standard pitches and customization options, including single and double-row connectors. Our one-stop solution meets special customer needs.

  • Insulator Shapes: Rectangular, Cylindrical, and Oval for versatile applications.
  • Pitch and Pin Count: Customizable to your request.
  • Assembly Methods: Options include SMT, DIP, 90-degree angles, and soldering cables.
  • Positioning: Snap-lock and posts for secure connections.
  • Materials: Select from PA66, PA9T, LCP, HTN, ABS, with custom Pantone colors.

Pogo Pin Advantages: Known as spring, charging, or test pins, our Pogo Pins feature a machined barrel, plunger, and spring. Jiatel offers:

  • Flat Bottom Type: For stable soldering to PCBs.
  • Inserted Board Type: Ensures accurate PCB welding.
  • Right Angle Type: Adds design flexibility.
  • Double-headed Type: Increases board-to-board connection options.
  • Solder Wire Type: Ends with solder for easy cable attachment.
  • Threaded Type: Specialized for custom needs.


Jiatel Pogo Pin Connector Application:

smt pogo pin magnetic pogo pin connector pogo pin connectors
Wearing Devices   Smart Watch Magnetic Cable Keyboard

Partner with Jiatel for Spring-Loaded Connectors and Pogo Pins that set the industry standard.

Small Connector, Big Connection.

Jiatel help you in your Printed Circuit Board Connectors & Cable Assemblies.


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