FPC Connector

For meeting different connections with FFC on your application, Jiatel FPC Connector mainly has three directions:

  • Up Contact
  • Down Contact
  • Vertical Contact ( dual side contact )

The FPC/FFC Pitch we have: 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm & 2.54mm

Our FPC Connector all are ZIF. We use a slider to lock the FFC cable with an FPC Connector. Slider options:

  • Pull-out
  • Slider flip back

There are three mounting styles of Jiatel FPC Connectors. These are:

  • Right Angle SMT Mounting
  • Vertical SMT Mounting
  • Through-hole mounting ( mainly for 1.25mm pitch)

The contact material all we use are Phosphor Bronze. Contact surface plating, there’s two:

  • Tin plating over Nickle
  • Gold plating over Nickle

See a body of FPC Connectors:

The FPC Connector supplied by Shenzhen Jiatel Hardware could meet most market demand. If below listed all are not what you’re looking for, pls contact our sales expert immediately. We’ll reply to you within 12 hours.