magnetic pogo pin connector

pogo pin charger

Explore the Magnetic Pogo Pin Connectors—our innovative blend of pogo pin accuracy and magnetic ease. These connectors ensure quick, solid links, ideal for environments needing frequent connections.

Key Traits:

  • Easy Magnetic Coupling: Simply push or pull for precise alignment and connection, streamlining the process.
  • Reliable Pogo Design: Features spring-loaded plungers and springs for consistent, low-resistance connections.
  • Customizable Pin Layouts: Choose from 2-pin to 7-pin setups to fit your needs.
  • Viable for Various Sectors: Used in aerospace, military, automotive, medical, and more for their dependability.
  • Tailored to Your Specs: We modify connectors for a perfect fit for your application.

Magnetic pogo pin connectors are the go-to for fast, secure electrical connections, favored for their flexibility and precision in critical industries.

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