Pogo Pin Connector

Pogo Pin Connectors are spring-loaded contacts used for electrical connections in various applications. They are known for their durability and ability to maintain a secure connection even with frequent use. Here’s a brief category introduction:

SMT (Surface-Mounted Technology) Pogo Pins:
  • Designed for direct attachment to the surface of a PCB.
  • Ideal for compact spaces and automated assembly processes.
THM (Through-Hole Mount) Pogo Pins:
  • Inserted through holes in the PCB and soldered on the opposite side.
  • Offer a more traditional connection method with a secure hold.
Custom Pogo Pin Connectors:
  • Tailored to specific application requirements.
  • May include variations in pin length, plating, or design to fit unique specifications.
  • Used in test fixtures, PCB testing, and as part of battery contacts.
  • Common in environments requiring frequent connection and disconnection.
  • High reliability due to spring-loaded action.
  • Low force required for connection, reducing wear on mating components.
  • Precise alignment and signal integrity in high-density applications.

Pogo Pin Connectors are a versatile choice for reliable electrical connections in testing, data transmission, and power delivery applications.