Shenzhen JIATEL POGO PIN/Spring Loaded Connectors

More about JIATEL POGO PIN/Spring Loaded Connectors:

  • JIATEL has 13 years’ experience in manufacturing POGO PIN  CONNECTOR.
  • Our POGO PIN CONNECTOR reach 10,000life cycles and realize high current (2A to 5A).
  • Our R&D team provides customers with HIGH QUALITY, COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS and SERVICES. Besides, the whole inspection process are almost handled and operated by an automatic inspection testing machine and an imported life test machine.
  • Our strict procedures and effective testing instruments are in line with the European and RoHS environmental standards, and JIT production management strategy.

Why choose JIATEL to manufacture Pogo Connectors?

  • Full models insulator molds existing build already.  From pitch 2.0mm to 4.0mm, 2 pin to 12Pin. We have the existing part for your choice.
  • Even Custom make Connector, detailed evaluation from engineer to check if the solution is workable or not. Official 2D drawing send to the customer for approval before start mold.
  • Low building mold charge to under US$3,000 !!!
  • Fast working for mold building and initial samples. Generally only need 30 days!
  • Initial samples inspection by engineer, such as for insulator melting to ensure good in the re-flow process, spring force test, general dimension inspection to ensure part are within the drawing and ensure future production goes smooth.
  • Free shipping for new samples, send by DHL/FedEx / UPS/TNT
  • Free charge for T&R package when for the mass production stage.

Jiatel Pogo Pin Connector Application:

Wearing Devices   Smart Watch Magnetic Cable Keyboard