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Our Advantage

Jiatel is  one of biggest China Pogo Pin Connector ( Spring Loaded Connector) manufacturers. We make over 300 models of connector for your options. Website show only a part of public mold connectors.  We welcome for OEM,ODM customer RFQ. Fast response within 12 hours. All our Sales respenstive & engineer are over 10 years experience. 

Various Plastic Mold already existing

From pitch  2.0mm,2.54mm,3.0mm,4.0mm ,Jiatel has built molds of different pitch and number of poles plastic. These are our public molds ,we assembly with customer request length Pogo Pins. View what Pogo Connectors we already have. 

Customize Pogo Connector

1.Pin length Options: 2.5mm ~ 35mm.     2.Spring Force options: 30g ~ 150g.  3.Surface plating of contact Pin : Barrel/Plunger: Au3μ” Spring plating: Au1μ” 4. High current Pin Design. Customer tell us the rough requirement include the number of poles , application,actual working current. We recommend the suitable design & check if could use our existing plastic.

OEM order process

Customer send us their drawing first.Our engineer evaluate if there’s any risk during production. We’ll also check if there’s any improvement when soldering on PCB and with outer case assembly . After all details confirmed, we quote the mold charge ,open mold lead time, mass production L/T, unit price,shipping charge,payment details etc. 


Quality Control

All pieces of  Pogo Connectors are 100% inspected before delivery. Salt-forg test,spring force test, contact resistance  COC,Inspection report will supplied for every shipping if request.

Shipment report

Fast Delivery

For small number of parcels of your order, normally we send by DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT. For big volume, we send by train, by air,by sea,all are to door service.  You don’t need to worry about how to import these from China and you don’t need to handle shipping by yourself. You could enjoy quite an economic shipping cost!

shipping 600x450

Production Capblities

Jiatel have strong assembly production line which weekly output 100,000 pcs pogo pins &  pogo connectors. 11 Automatic Machine assembly.



Shenzhen Jiatel offers Spring-Loaded Connector, Pogo Pin, SMT- Single Pin.

We have single pins from length 3.0mnn to 12mm in stock.  At the same time, Jiatel developing new and custom Spring-Loaded Pin/Connector for meeting market demand. This needs huge work in communicating with customer idea, how to become reality, evaluation the solution workable and possible risk.

The communication-related products application, current rating & surface plating requirement. Jiatel owns a group of professional engineer for ensuring full understanding of customer’s demands. Official drawing will be sent to the customer final reviewing and confirmation before work on mold.
Trust Jiatel, trust we help you in manufacture top quality Pogo Connector, trust our Custom Designs ability, trust today & tomorrow.

Features of spring-loaded pin connectors:

For meeting the special requirements of customers,Jiatel uses innovative spring pin connectors, self-developed standard specifications such as 1.27mm pitch, 2.0mm pitch, 2.54mm pitch, 3.0mm pitch, etc. We supply single row, double row male and female mating connectors.

We also provide a one-stop customization solution to meet customer’s special requirements.

1. The shape of  the plastic insulator: Rectangular, Cylindrical, Oval shape.

2. The pitch above or equal 2.0mm , number of pins as your request.

3. Assembly method: SMT, DIP, 90-degree right angle , soldering cable, etc.

4. Positioning mode: snap-lock positioning, and positioning post

5. Plastic material:  PA66, PA9T, LCP, HTN, ABS, etc.

The plastic color can be customized according to Pantone color.

1.Pogo pin introduction

Pogo Pin is also known as: spring pin, charging pin, Pogo pin etc. Pogo Pin is a special connector, the basic structure of which consists of a machined pin barrel, plunger and compression spring.

2 Jiatel spring Pogo pin product structure advantages

Flat bottom type: good stability, the bottom of the Pin is flat bottom design, easy to solder with the PCB board.
Inserted board type: the tail of the pin with a positioning pin for PCB board welding, will not occur when the offset phenomenon, good positioning effect.
Right Angle type: This R/A type provides designers with more options in the use of space.
Double-headed type: double-headed design, allowing engineers to have more space flexibility in board-to-board connections.
Solder wire type: The pin end solder with cable .
Threaded type: special specifications to meet the different needs of customers while customizing according to customer needs

Jiatel Pogo Connectors Releated

High current Pogo Connector

The pins inside with a insulated ball which could resisit current from 2Amp to 5Amp per Pin. 

Female Mating Connector

Jiatel supplies the mated female pad connector for Pogo Connector . The contact Brass Alloy material ,surface plating Gold plated. 

Mated with Magnetic Cable

Magnetic Cable, market exsiting always is 2Pin, 4Pin . Jiatel has full ranges of Magnetic Cable. View more about our Magnetic Cable products here.