Electrical rating: AC/DC 200V / 1A.
Contact resistance: maximum 30m Ω.
Insulation resistance: minimum 500m Ω.
Withstand voltage: 200V AC.
Working temperature: + 20 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃.

Contacts-copper, alloy, gold or tinned.
Welding pads: copper plating alloy tin.
Shell: PA46 (UL94V-0).
Packing: tube / pallet.
Extensive evaluation of products:
1. VCD, DVD and other video electronic products.
2. MP3, MP4 and other audio electronic products.
3. Digital cameras, mobile phones, card readers, printers, power amplifiers, LCD TVs, car audio, truck systems and other fields.
4. Computer peripherals and so on.
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