1.27mm Micro-Match Red IDC Ribbon Cables / IDC Cables

Details about 1.27mm Micro-Match Red IDC Ribbon Cables / IDC Cables

1.27mm Micro-Match Red IDC Ribbon Female Cables Connector with UL2651 AWG28 Flat Cable

Product Overview

The Female Connector is engineered for secure and reliable connections in electronic setups. It is designed to complement male connectors, ensuring a tight and stable electrical engagement.

Cable Specifications

  • Pitch: 1.27mm
  • Type: UL2651 AWG28 Flat cable
  • Identification: Red line for easy recognition


  • UL Approval: The product is certified by Underwriters Laboratories, ensuring it meets high safety and performance standards.


  • Quantity per Package: 10 to 15 cables bundled together for convenience and organization.

Delivery Commitment

  • Timeframe: Orders are typically delivered within 10 to 15 days from confirmation, prioritizing customer needs for timely receipt of goods.

This Female Connector with its high-quality flat cable is a reliable choice for various electronic applications, offering both durability and compliance with industry standards.

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