2 AAA Battery Holder with 9V snap fasteners

Details about 2 AAA Battery Holder with 9V snap fasteners


2 AAA Battery Holder with 9V Snap Fasteners – Dual Power Solution for Reliable Devices

Temperature Range:

Our AAA battery holder is engineered to operate efficiently in a wide temperature range from -10°C to +100°C, ensuring consistent performance across various conditions.

Contact Resistance:

The contact resistance in our AAA battery holder is under 50mΩ, providing a low-resistance connection for optimal energy transfer.


  • Packaging: Each AAA battery holder is shipped in a protective box to ensure safe arrival.
  • Standard Package: We offer a standard package of 100 AAA battery holders per box, suitable for both retail display and bulk usage.
  • Lead Time: For precise delivery timelines, please get in touch with us.

Shipping Terms:

We facilitate EXW (Ex Works) from Hong Kong, allowing you to manage your logistics with ease.


  • Plastic Material: Constructed with durable Polypropylene, the AAA battery holder is both strong and chemical-resistant.
  • Springs: Equipped with Nickel Plated Spring Steel for reliable conductivity and longevity.
  • Rivets & Lugs: Made from Brass and Nickel Plated for a combination of strength and aesthetic appeal.
  • 9Volt Snaps: Brass with a Nickel Plated finish for secure and corrosion-resistant connections.

Color: The AAA battery holder is available in a sleek Black color, providing a professional and unified appearance.

Compliance: Our AAA battery holder is RoHS Compliant, meeting stringent environmental and health safety standards.

Pricing: For pricing details, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and order volume.

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