Alaternative of JST/Amp/Molex/Tyco/JAE Wire to Board

Details about Alaternative of JST/Amp/Molex/Tyco/JAE Wire to Board

Custom Cable Assemblies: Exceptional Solutions by Jiatel Hardware

Shenzhen Jiatel Hardware is a dedicated manufacturer of high-value custom cable assemblies, ranging from simple crimped discrete wires to intricate wiring harnesses. With a global reach, our seasoned sales teams provide comprehensive assistance from the design phase through to production.

Quality Commitment: The Core of Jiatel Hardware’s Offering

Quality is at the heart of our product offerings. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified, ensuring adherence to international standards throughout our production processes. For customers requiring UL traceability, Jiatel Hardware guarantees that materials and components consistently meet their stringent needs. View Our ISO Certification.

Comprehensive Testing for Reliability

Our cable assemblies undergo rigorous 100% testing to ensure reliability and compliance. A variety of appropriate tests are conducted based on the type of cable assembly. This includes short or open circuit testing, intermittent circuit checks, miswiring detection, high-potential (Hi-Pot) tests, static load assessments for strain relief, bending tests, crimp pull-off force evaluations, and measurements of contact to housing retention force as well as plastic hardness.

Crimped Harnesses in Signal and Power Applications

Crimped harnesses are utilized in both signal and power applications, often as part of a wire-to-board system design. This design facilitates cable connections to a printed circuit board using a female connector terminated to the cable. Individual discrete wires are stripped of insulation, crimped, and then inserted into the female housing to finalize the assembly. The completed assembly interfaces with a male PCB header, offering options for locking, latching, and polarized connectors.

Small Connector, Big Connection.

Jiatel help you in your Printed Circuit Board Connectors & Cable Assemblies.


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