Battery Holder for 2pcs CR2032 Stacked

Jiatel P/N


Battery Compatibility 

2pcs CR2032 stacked

PCB Mount Orientation



Through hole

Plastic Material


Surface Plating

Tin 100~120μ"

Contact Material

Phosphor Bronze




8~10 days

Environmental Information

RoHS Certificate

Details about Battery Holder for 2pcs CR2032 Stacked

  1. CR2032 Through-hole Battery Holder: This is a device designed to hold a CR2032 battery, which is a type of lithium coin cell battery. The “through-hole” part indicates that it’s designed for use in electronics where components are inserted into holes on a circuit board and then soldered in place.
  2. 100% pieces inspection before delivery: This means that every single unit of the product is inspected for quality before it is shipped out to ensure there are no defects or issues.
  3. Package: 3,000 pcs per box, tray package: The product is packaged in boxes that contain 3,000 units each. The term “tray package” suggests that the batteries are organized in a tray or a similar structure within the box for easy counting and dispensing.
  4. Box size: 33×28×45㎜: This gives the dimensions of the box in millimeters, which can be useful for storage and logistics purposes.
  5. Application: The listed applications indicate the types of devices or industries that typically use this type of battery holder.
    • Medical Equipment: This could include a variety of medical devices that require a small, reliable power source.
    • Digital Toys: Small electronic toys that need batteries for operation.
    • Industrial Control Boards: These are used in industrial settings to control machinery or processes and require a stable power supply.

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