DC3.5 180 to 90 Stereo Cable





Details about DC3.5 180 to 90 Stereo Cable

DC3.5 180 to 90 Stereo Cable: Engineered for Enhanced Audio Fidelity

    • Custom Connectivity Solutions 

Shenzhen Jiatel Hardware crafts each DC3.5 180 to 90 Stereo Cable with precision, offering a range of custom cable assemblies to suit diverse needs

  • Global Service with a Personal Touch: Our dedicated sales teams commit to providing personalized, end-to-end support to clients worldwide.
  • ISO-Certified Quality: We pride ourselves on ISO 9001:2008 certification, which assures that our cable assemblies uphold industry’s highest quality standards. For UL traceability, we select materials and components that meet and often exceed customer expectations.
  • Testing for Uncompromising Reliability: We perform a comprehensive 100% testing on all cable assemblies, which includes:
    • Short or open circuit checks
    • Intermittent circuit detection
    • Miswiring verification
    • Hi-Pot testing
    • Static load strain relief assessments
    • Bending tests
    • Crimp pull-off force measurements
    • Contact to housing retention force evaluations
    • Plastic hardness assessments
  • Versatile Crimped Harnesses: Designed for both signal and power applications, our crimped harnesses are often part of a wire-to-board system. Here’s how we ensure secure connections:
    • Stripping insulation from discrete wires
    • Crimping and inserting wires into female housings
    • Creating assemblies that fit snugly with male PCB headers
    • Offering options for locking, latching, and polarized connectors

Small Connector, Big Connection.

Jiatel help you in your Printed Circuit Board Connectors & Cable Assemblies.


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