2.54mm Pitch 180 Male Pin Header , Gold plating

Jiatel P/N






Insulator Material


Contact Material

Brass Alloy

Number of Pins

2 ~64 Pin

Contact Plating

Gold plating

Lead time

12~15 days

Environmental Information

RoHS Certificate

Details about 2.54mm Pitch 180 Male Pin Header , Gold plating


      1. 180 Pins: The header consists of 180 individual male pins.
      2. Pitch: Usually 2.54mm (0.1 inch), which is the standard center-to-center distance between pins.
      3. Through-Hole: Intended for insertion into PCB holes and soldered for a secure connection.
      4. Protection: Can be shrouded for added protection during shipping and handling.
      5. Usage: Commonly used in electronics for connecting components and PCBs.
      6. Compatibility: Ensure it matches the female socket in terms of pin count and spacing.
Technical Materials
Contact materials Brass
Phosphor Bronze other Beryllium or Copper Alloy
Plating materials Gold (Au) plated (surface flashing)
Tin-plated (main plating materials)
Nickel(Ni) plated (underplating)


Technical Performances
Current Rating 1.5 Amp
Insulation Resistance 1000M ohms min
Contact Resistance 20M ohms max
Dielectric Withstanding  AC500V
Durability (Gold finish) 300 mating cycles
Operating Temperature 300 mating cycles
Durability (Gold finish) -40°C to +105°C
LCP Suitable For IR Reflow, Wave, Manual solder


Small Connector, Big Connection.

Jiatel help you in your Printed Circuit Board Connectors & Cable Assemblies.


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