2.5mm Pitch 5Pin Right Angle Pogo Pin Connector

Jiatel P/N



Right Angle Through Hole

Contact Pin Material

Brass C3604



Pin Surface Plating

Gold plate Au3μ", 5μ",10μ",

Rated Current

1Amp, 2Amp,3 Amp

Spring Force



10,000 cycles



Environmental Information

RoHS Certificate

Details about 2.5mm Pitch 5Pin Right Angle Pogo Pin Connector

Connector Pitch: 2.5mm

No of Pins: 5

Mounting: Right Angle Through-hole

Pin Length: accept customized

type: Fine Pitch Right Angle & Horizontal SMT Spring

used in Tracking Devices ,Wireless Charge Connector

Right Angle Through-hole Pogo spring contact for charge use Description :

1.Pogo pin introduction

Pogo Pin is also known as: spring pin, charging pin, Pin pin, thimble, etc. Female Pogo Pin connector is a mated use with male Pogo connector. The basic structure of which consists of brass body only,it’s a kind of machined contacts. The surface treatment is Gold plating over Nickle. Its inside is no spring.


2 Jiatel Pogo Charge Connector advantages

Flat bottom type: good stability, the bottom of the pin is flat bottom design, easy to solder with the PCB board.
Inserted board type: the tail of the pin with a positioning pin, and PCB board soldering, will not occur when the offset phenomenon, good positioning effect.
Bending type: tail bending, providing designers with more options in the use of space.
Double-headed type: double-headed double-action design, allowing engineers to have more space flexibility in board-to-board bi-directional connections.
Solder wire type: applicable to Cable end, easy to solder with wire.
Threaded type: special specifications to meet the different needs of customers while customizing according to customer needs

magnetic dc connector

Features of Right Angle 5Pin connectors:

For meeting the special requirements of customers,Jiatel uses innovative spring pin connectors, self-developed standard specifications such as

2.54 pitch, 3.0 pitch, etc. single row, double row male and female mating connector specifications

We also provide a one-stop customization solution to meet customers’ special requirements.

1. The shape of the round polygon sector and the other shaped.

2. The pitch is greater than or equal to 1.27mm, and the number of pins is greater than or equal to twice.

3. Assembly method: SMT, DIP. 90-degree bending soldering line, etc.

4. Positioning mode, groove seal, snap-lock positioning, and positioning post

5. plastic material, PA66, PA9T, LCP, HTN, ABS, etc.

The plastic color can be customized according to Pantone color.

Adapter extension, Pcbc wire harness fpc io connector base etc.


More about Jiatel Custom Fields, please click here.


Jiatel Pogo Connector Application:

right angle spring contact
Wearing Devices   Smart Watch Magnet Cable Keyboard


Small Connector, Big Connection.

Jiatel help you in your Printed Circuit Board Connectors & Cable Assemblies.


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