20mm Coin Cell CR2450 SMT Battery Holder

Jiatel P/N


Battery Compatibility 



Surface Mount

Plastic Material

LCP, White

Contact Material

Phosphor Bronze

Surface Plating

Gold 1μ“ over Nickle


Tape & Reel

Environmental Information

RoHS Certificate

Details about 20mm Coin Cell CR2450 SMT Battery Holder

The CR2450 SMT Battery Socket from Jiatel undergoes a 100% piece inspection before delivery, ensuring quality and reliability.

Packaging:  Available in tray packaging with 3,360 pieces per box for efficient inventory management.

Box Dimensions: The compact box size is 40×26×28 mm, ideal for space-saving storage.

SPQ (Sales Per Tray): Offered in trays containing 40 pieces each.


  • Suitable for a range of applications including medical equipment, digital toys, and industrial control boards.


  • The CR2450 SMT Battery Socket is designed as a low-profile and cost-effective solution for battery connections.
  • Made from phosphor bronze, it provides a reliable connection that resists shock and vibration.
  • The THM version features stable mounting legs for secure PCB retention during wave soldering processes.
  • These battery sockets are lightweight, facilitating easy pick-up and placement.

As a substitute for Sony battery sockets, the CR2450 SMT Battery Socket offers a durable and economic choice for various electronic devices requiring a secure and stable power source.


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