USB Type-C 6 Pin SMT Receptacle Connector

Jiatel P/N





Tape & Reel

Shell Material

Brass Alloy

Copper Alloy

Phosphor Bronze

Number of Pins

16 Pin

Contact Plating

Gold plating

Lead time

10~12 days

Environmental Information

RoHS Certificate

Details about USB Type-C 6 Pin SMT Receptacle Connector

Product Description: Type C 6pin Connector 

Materials and Craftsmanship

Selecting the Best: We choose top-tier Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) for the housing, renowned for its durability and heat resistance.

Enhancing Conductivity: Our terminals, made from sturdy Copper Alloy, are gold-plated to ensure optimal signal transfer.

Ensuring Reliability: The termination area is Tin-plated at 40 microinches, which strengthens the solder joints.

Protecting the Shell: The SPCC steel shell is Nickel-Plated at 40 microinches, adding a layer of robustness.

Electrical Performance

Managing Current: We design our connectors to handle a Rated Current of up to 1.5 Amperes, ideal for efficient power delivery.

Withstanding Voltage: Capable of enduring a Max Rated Voltage of 30 Volts, they are suitable for a variety of applications.

Minimizing Resistance: The Contact Resistance is kept low at 50 milliohms, which aids in conserving energy.

Ensuring Safety: A high Insulation Resistance of 100 Megaohms guarantees the safety of the connection.

Mechanical Durability

Effortless Connection: With a Mating Force not exceeding 35 Newtons, our connectors are easy to connect.

Simple Disconnection: They can be disconnected with a minimal Unmating Force of 7 Newtons.

Long-lasting Design: Tested for endurance, our connectors are built to last through 10,000 cycles.

Environmental Resilience

Wider Operating Range: Designed to operate in temperatures from -0℃ to +50℃, they are adaptable to different climates.

Extended Storage Life: They can be safely stored over a wide temperature range of -20℃ to +60℃.

USB Technology Evolution

Progressing with USB: The transition from Mini USB to USB Type C marks significant advancements in speed and versatility. Our Type C 6pin connector exemplifies this progress.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

Smooth Transition: Moving to our Type C 6pin connector from Mini USB ensures a hassle-free experience with broad device compatibility.

Mini USB and Mini USB 5pin Cable – A Legacy of Reliability

Continuing the Legacy: For those who value the dependability of older yet efficient technology, our Mini USB and Mini USB 5pin cables are a perfect choice. Designed to maintain the same high standards as our newer products, these cables offer:

  • Compatibility: They are compatible with a wide range of devices that utilize the Mini USB interface, ensuring broad utility.
  • Reliability: Built to last, these cables provide consistent performance, just like you would expect from a trusted connection.
  • Quality: Despite being part of an older technology, our Mini USB cables are crafted with the same commitment to quality that defines all our products.

The Right Fit for Your Needs: Whether you’re working with legacy devices or simply need a cable that you know won’t let you down, our Mini USB and Mini USB 5pin cables are the ideal solution.

Small Connector, Big Connection.

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