Top 10 Connectors Supplier in China & Overseas

Connector is an important component used in the circuit of device. It is a key part for electronic equipment or device. The connectors have been widely used in military, communications, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, and other fields.

At present, the global connector market is mainly located in the United States such as Tyco, Molex,  Amphenol and other brands. These international brand manufacturers leading the global trend of connection technology. China is the biggest consumer electronics market, our local manufacturer is also quietly rising in recent years.

China’s local connector manufacturers can be divided into state-owned enterprises and private companies. Generally, state-owned enterprises focus on aviation, military, and industrial-grade products,such as : AVIC Optoelectronics, Sichuan Huafeng, aerospace appliances, etc.. Private enterprises are mainly rooted in consumer electronics, household appliances, and communications markets, the represented companies are : ETPT, DEREN, Take-Run, SUNSEA etc.

Next will introduce the well-known domestic and foreign connector brands to you.

1.Tyco Tyco / AMP Amp Connector

Tyco acquisitions  AMP connectors in 1998 and become the connector industry leader. Their product’s industrial distribution of a wide range involved automotive, computer,5G & Wireless, Aerospace, Medical, Automation and Control etc, these industries.

2.MOLEX Connector

Started from Terminals, Plastic Housing. It’s obvious the most sold in mainland China. Molex is the world’s largest consumer electronics connector. Their quality of course, is excellent.

3. Amphenol

By the ways of mergers and acquisitions, Amphenol becomes the world’s top-level in the connector field. Amphenol is well-known in the Military, Aerospace/aviation, Communications. The acquisition of Teradyne in 2005, increase its competitiveness in the high-speed communications connector market. But Amphenol does not have a unified and website like TYCO, Molex connectors. Amphenol different products, different branches, have different websites, a total of dozens of websites are part of AMPHENOL. Search is very headache, and their price is also messed.


Japan Avionics, mainly manufactures wire to board or board to board connectors in computer, automotive and communication. However, in the mainland, mainly manufacture FPC and other precision connectors are more famous.

5.JST Japan crimped terminal connectors

Japan crimped terminals, mainly to do the line to the board terminals, plastic shells, and WAFER, etc.

6. Mill-max

Popular for its machined pin connectors, receptacle and Spring Loaded Pins. Their products is no doubts good quality and reliable. As their long lead time, many end customers try to find alternative parts from China.

7. Shenzhen DEREN

Shenzhen DEREN Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, mainly engaged in home appliances and consumer electronics, automotive-related electronic connectors, and precision components, and vehicle networking-related technologies.


Products are widely used in defense, commercial aerospace, telecommunication, data center, new energy vehicles, petroleum, electrical power system, industrial equipment, rail transit, the healthcare industry, and other high-end manufacturing fields.

9、Sichuan Huafeng Enterprise Group Co.

Mainly engaged in the development and production of Circular Connectors, Coaxial Connector, Rectangle components, Automotive Connector and technical services, is China’s electronic components industry, high-end areas, high-end product development and production of one of the major enterprises.

10. Shenzhen ECI

Funded in 2006 ,specializing in miniature electronic connectors and interconnection system-products, such as RF connector, Coaxial connector, Precision Stamping metals with high reliability, high-performance product design and manufacturing capabilities.

Summary: After you sort out these top connector suppliers, you will find that as a component supplier, the only competition is your products and technology. Small and micro suppliers are still struggling to compete for product quality and price to meet market demand, top suppliers have subverted their products and technologies, and have begun to create new market demands, so they are always taking one step faster.

Shenzhen Jiatel Hardware Electronics is one of the thousands of suppliers in China, and we admit that we are still far from the top suppliers. We serve the domestic and overseas markets, provide competitive interconnect products on the circuit, help customers provide the best quality Wire to Board Connector,  Board to Board Connector, Pogo Pin Connector for Charge, Battery Holders for Button Cell, AA,AAA, 18650, FPC/FFC, USB Connectors etc and the Cable Assemblies. We believe that through our continuous efforts, Jiatel will also become a famous brand.