What are the differences for different plastics used in connectors ?

The connector plastic is formed by entering the mold of the injection molding machine through plastic particles.

According to the application field and environment, the characteristics of the plastic material are different. What are the commonly used connector housings? What are their characteristics? Jiatel takes you to take a look. Common connector plastics materials are: Nylon, high-temperature nylon, polyester-PBT, polyester-PCT, PPS, LCP, etc. According to the structure and application of the connector, different materials will be selected for mold design and processing, of course, different the price of the material is also different.

What are the commonly used plastic materials for connector plastics? The advantages of Nylon material(Include PA6T, PA9T, PA46, HTN ) are high strength, good flexibility, excellent chemical resistance, and can be used for a variety of technologies and low-cost products. Most common use in Jiatel’s Spring Loaded Connectors, 1.27mm pitch Pin headers & Female headers.

The advantages of polyester-PBT material are: stable dimensions, not easy to absorb moisture, excellent chemical resistance, and high strength. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for SMT processing. Most common use in Jiatel’s DIP Pin Header/ Female Header.

The advantages of PPS materials are: suitable for SMT processing, excellent chemical resistance, stable dimensions and not easy to absorb moisture. The disadvantages are: the material is relatively brittle and fragile, it is prone to overflow during injection molding, the cost is higher than most thermoplastic materials, and the color variety is less. Most common use in Jiatel’s Button cell Battery Holder products. 

The advantages of LCP materials are the perfect combination of strength and toughness, suitable for SMT processing, capable of injection molding thin-walled products, good chemical resistance, dimensional stability, not easy to absorb moisture, and no flashing during the molding process. The disadvantages are: this material has a high cost. Most use in Jiatel’s USB products, Board to Board Connectors.

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Below is the different plastic resist temperature and soldering seconds time for reference: