Pogo pin types

JIATEL Pogo Pin Types / Spring Loaded Pin

JIATEL Pogo Pin / Spring Loaded Pin


Pogo Pin application:

Shared Power Bank, Electronic cigarette, Bluetooth headset, Smart wear,  Electric toothbrush,  Computer, Apple phone , Huawei , Xiaomi and other electronic products. There’s six types:

  1. Vertical SMT
  2. DIP Type with Solder through hole pin to PCB
  3. Double-end Spring Plunger
  4. Solder Cup Type
  5. Right Angle Pogo Pin
  6. Side Mount Type

Feature: Pin diameter 1.0mm to 5.0mm

Pin Height: 2.5mm to 25mm

Mate use Jiatel’s contact Pad, Female Target Pin or individual pin use


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