Jiatel Machine Pin Contacts Manufacturing

Jiatel ,a leading manufacturer of precision machined contacts and related interconnect components are continuously improving its ability to design innovative contacts. This catalog provides general technical information of Jiatel contacts. It helps a potential customer make the best technical choice for a given application.

If you can’t find a suitable solution on our website, please contact us for a selective list of available cartridges, plus Tel can also provide full support for customer-specific pin design and manufacturing support.

Next, we mainly introduce the machined contacts we offered:

PIN or male contacts and PCB terminals :

All of these can be manufactured with a different type of terminations:

pogo pin charger pogopin

Screw Machine pins are available with high-speed lathes, with additional secondary machining if necessary, such as machining surface flat or with hole or soldering cups. The recommended diameter of the station is between 0.8 and 6 mm, and the standard length is up to 40 mm