Female Pogo Pin Connector Pitch: 2.5mm

No of Pins: 3

Mounting: Side surface mounting

Gender: Female

Pin Length: 3.5mm


Female Pogo Pin Connectors Description : 

1.Pogo pin introduction

Pogo Pin is also known as: spring pin, charging pin, Pin pin, thimble, etc. Female Pogo Pin connector is a mated use with male Pogo connector. The basic structure of which consists brass body only,it’s a kind of machined contacts. The surface treatment is Gold plating over Nickle. Its inside is no spring.


2 Jiatel female pogo pin connector structure advantages

Flat bottom type: good stability, the bottom of the pin is flat bottom design, easy to solder with the PCB board.
Inserted board type: the tail of the pin with a positioning pin, and PCB board soldering, will not occur when the offset phenomenon, good positioning effect.
Bending type: tail bending, providing designers with more options in the use of space.
Double-headed type: double-headed double-action design, allowing engineers to have more space flexibility in board-to-board bi-directional connections.
Solder wire type: applicable to Cable end, easy to solder with wire.
Threaded type: special specifications to meet the different needs of customers while customizing according to customer needs

spring loaded pin