CR2450 SMD Battery Holder

Details about CR2450 SMD Battery Holder

  1. Description: The product is a retainer for CR2450 batteries, and it’s also compatible with BR2450 and smaller cell sizes. This means it can accommodate a range of battery sizes, providing versatility.
  2. Height: The retainer stands 5.84 mm above the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), which is an important measurement for ensuring it fits within the design constraints of the devices it will be used in.
  3. Packaging and Availability:
    • Standard Packaging: The retainers are packaged in bags of 100 pieces each. This is suitable for small to medium volume requirements.
    • Additional Options: The product is also available on tape and reel, which is convenient for automated assembly processes in manufacturing.
  4. Material and Design:
    • Material: The retainer is made from nickel-plated phosphor bronze. Nickel plating can provide corrosion resistance and enhance solderability.
    • Mounting: It is designed for surface mount, which is a method of mounting electronic components directly onto the surface of the PCB.
  5. Compliance: The product is RoHS compliant, meaning it meets the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive standards. This makes it suitable for lead-free solder processes, which is important for environmental and health regulations.
  6. Product Category: It falls under the family of retainers, which are components used to secure batteries in place within electronic devices.
  7. Application Notes: The retainer is ideal for securing batteries in devices such as watches, calculators, and portable electronics. It ensures a reliable power source for these devices.
  8. Bulk Orders and Inquiries: The specification mentions that for bulk orders or specific inquiries, free to Ask.

This specification provides a clear overview of the product’s features, compliance, and intended applications, which can be useful for engineers, purchasers, or anyone looking to integrate this battery retainer into their projects. If you have any specific questions or need further details, feel free to ask!

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